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Welcome to Selden Smart

Selden Smart is my personal brand website. You can find my Bourbon With A Banker Podcast and connect with me for questions regarding business wealth and finance you'd like answered on a podcast episode. I am also available for private speaking events at no cost as my schedule allows.


Author & Speaker

As an author and speaker, I help entrepreneurs and individuals build their brand, gain market share and retain top clients. I am available to speak at corporate events and also in the classroom.


Sales Leader

I believe there is a blueprint to being successful at sales. Similar to good health; it's not hidden. Often we just need a good coach to show us the way and help us stay on target. I do that!


Bourbon Enthusiast

Two people, a couple glasses of bourbon and you are bound to get a great story. Check out my podcast Bourbon with a Banker to learn about some great spirts and get business insights from some of the best in the biz.

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